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The Idea

The basic T-shirt is an essential item in everyone's wardrobe.

It is also the item that gets replaces most frequently.

No one wants to run around in a dirty, shabby looking t-shirt.

Understandable, but also not very sustainable.

We decided to change that, by fulfilling the constant demand for fresh, clean t-shirts with a closed loop business model. We reward you with 25% discount on your new Full Circle tee's when you send back your old ones.

This way we keep old garments out of the land-fill, and recycle them into new ones. As a result, we help you keep money in your pocket, while reducing fashion's footprint on our planet.

All you have to do is make your first purchase which includes a life-time membership.

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How to SWAP

231 Order your new T-shirt(s). When you checkout, let us know which items you want to send back. This will activate your 25% discount on your new T-shirt(s). Receieve your new T-shirt(s), and send back your old Full Circle T-shirt(s) in the same bag. A return shipping label is included and ready to go.