What is circular fashion?

Circular fashion is made using a ‘take, make, use, recycle’ approach, bringing the majority of natural resources used in making a product back into the production cycle instead of into the landfill. In our opinion, it’s the future.

Where do you produce your T-shirts?

Since we are currently operating in Europe, we produce exclusively in Portugal in order to avoid having to ship our materials and product all over the world.

How do I become a Full Circle member?

All you have to do is buy your first T-shirt, which comes with a lifetime membership.

Does my membership expire?

No, it lasts a lifetime. No strings attached.

Is it a subscription?

No, there are no recurring charges. You only get charged when you order new items.

What if my new T-shirt doesn’t fit? How do I exchange it?

You can exchange for another color or size from your Closet within 7 days of receiving it. Go to Account-> Your Closet -> Items at Home and select what you would like to exchange. Send the exchanged item back in the original bag and we will send out the replacement.

How can I SWAP my T-shirt(s)?

Easy; just order a new T-shirt. When you check out, let us know which one of your previously purchased T-shirts you would like to SWAP. This will automatically activate a 25% discount on your new order. Once you receive your new T-shirt, re-use the shipping bag for your old T-shirt that you selected to SWAP, stick on the included shipping label, and send it back to us via your local courier.

When should I SWAP? Do you send me new items automatically?

This is entirely up to you. We encourage you to wear the sh*t out of your T-shirts, but at the end of the day you can SWAP whenever you want. Some people swap after 3 months, a year, or spontaneously when their shirt gets ruined for whatever reason.

Do I need to wash the T-shirt I want to SWAP?

No, don’t worry about it. It gets cleaned during the recycling process.

What happens to my returned items? How do you recycle them?

Once we receive your old T-shirts we sort them based on color, and store them until we have enough to meet our supplier’s minimum recycling quantity requirement. When we reach it, the T-shirts are cleaned, and broken down into raw cotton fibers. These recycled fibers are blended 50/50 with virgin organic cotton fibers and used to spin the yarn for new Full Circle T-shirts.

What if I don’t want to SWAP my T-shirt(s)?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to. You will be charged full price for new items, but there is no penalty for not swapping.

What if I lost my T-shirt?

Damn, we are sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, you can’t swap a shirt that you no longer have, but we hope you order another one.

How should I wash my T-shirt?

For a long life, wash at 40C with similar colors. Do not tumble dry. Using an enzyme free detergent and garment bag is best for making sure your T-shirt lasts for as long as possible.

Are shipping and returns free?

If you live in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, or Luxembourg, shipping is free with an order value above €50. Product returns are not free, no matter where you live. 

SWAP fees are taken care of, no matter where you live. This way we we make sure that swapping (aka keeping garments out of the landfill) is as easy as possible for you. Oh, and we also purchase carbon offset credits for all transportation, so shipping is carbon free!

How do I contact you guys?

You can email us via our contact page, or shoot us a message via our social media channels :)

What are Factory Defaults?

Factory defaults (defaults for short) are the products our manufacturing partners made mistakes in or that got damaged in the process. Remember, our garments are made by real people and they make mistakes!

Why does Full Circle have defaults?

Manufacturing mistakes are common. An industry practice for factories is to overproduce 5% of the total order to account for damaged or imperfect goods. Full Circle is no different, however, we chose to not let these go to waste and tell you about it :)

Why does Full Circle Sell defaults?

We sell our defaults because we believe that the garments still have value, a white t-shirt with a black spot or a stitching mistake on the color are wearable garments to us! In our effort to continuously reduce our impact, we make use of what we have.

Why are defaults cheaper?

Although the defaults are good products, they didn’t pass the Full Circle quality check and do have mistakes. Additionally, the factory sells them to us for a reduced rate, as they would be thrown away. And if we can get a discount, you get a discount.

Are they still good quality products?

Yes! If they weren’t, we wouldn’t sell them. They might have stains, a tiny hole, stitching mistakes or mistakes in the fabric. We also filter out the products which are a lost cause and add these to our recycling que. Our Defaults are all wearable garments that deserve to be worn.

Will they last as long as a normal garment?

Well, we don’t know. We expect them to last just as long as our normal t-shirts, but if they don’t, and you encounter a problem with them, reach out to us and we will take a look at the problem and solve it with you.

Can I SWAP a default for a new default?


Can I SWAP a default for a normal product?


My default order is way more damaged than shown in the picture. What do I do now?

That is unfortunate, we do say that some garments have multiple damages and some have none - this is part of the concept. However, if you feel your t-shirt is unwearable, came in with three sleeves, or is missing one, reach out to us and we will make it right!

Can I return defaults?

Yes, you may return your defaults within 14 days if the t-shirt is in the original packaging and has not been worn. Please check our returns page for instructions.

I bought a default t-shirt and I wore it for a few days and got a big stain on it but I am going to tell Full Circle it came like that and they will send me a new one, right?

Nope, we have a list of possible mistakes, and our factory workers don’t drink wine whilst stitching, Karen!