Hoodies & Sweaters

Our take on more sustainable Hoodies & Sweaters. They’re cozy as hell, made from a 50% recycled & 50% organic cotton blend, and are designed to be recycled - again, and again, and again.

Creating the most sustainable Hoodies & Sweaters possible.

What makes sustainable Hoodies & Sweaters..well.. sustainable?

First off, it is important to mention that 100% sustainable hoodies and sweaters simply don’t exist. So if you see any brand claiming to sell 100% sustainable hoodies and sweaters, or anything else for that matter, know that they are straight up greenwashing.

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What are circular Hoodies & Sweaters?

As mentioned in the previous section, one of the key reasons we stand behind our claim of being able to produce more sustainable hoodies & sweaters is the fact that they are designed with circularity in mind.

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How do you measure the impact of sustainable Hoodies & Sweaters?

We believe in radical transparency across all aspects of our business; our pricing structure, production partners, and the environmental impact that we have as a brand. The latter is measured and outlined in a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), conducted by an independent third party organisation called True Cost Label.

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Are Full Circle Hoodies & Sweaters more sustainable than 100% Organic Cotton Hoodies and Sweaters?

With sustainability becoming increasingly important, many brands nowadays are producing organic cotton hoodies and sweaters. While it’s a good step in the right direction, we believe that the use of organic cotton should be the bare minimum when it comes to the production of sustainable hoodies and sweaters.

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