Circular Bags

If you are searching for a more sustainable bag alternative, look no further. Our Circular Bags are made from a 50% recycled & 50% organic cotton blend, and are designed to be recycled - again, and again, and again.

Creating the most sustainable Bag possible.

What is a sustainable bag?

Before we get into the stats, impact metrics, and production processes, it is important to clarify that a 100% sustainable bag simply does not exist. Why, you ask? What about all those big fashion companies who are claiming to sell 100% sustainable bags and clothes? Well, they’re greenwashing, and - for a lack of a better phrase - full of shit...

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How do you measure the impact of a sustainable bag?

At our core, we stand for radical transparency across every aspect of our business. From our pricing structure, supply chain and production partners, to the environmental impact that we have as a brand - we lay our cards on the table...

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What is a circular bag?

As we mentioned in the previous section, one of the key reasons we stand behind our claim for being able to produce more sustainable bags is the fact that they were designed based on circular design principles...

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Are Full Circle bags more sustainable than 100% Organic Cotton bags?

Thankfully, sustainability is becoming increasingly important to people, which is why many brand nowadays are opting to produce bags from organic cotton, as opposed to conventional, non-organic cotton. While this is a good first step in the right direction...

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