The Reason We Started All This

We live in a society that has entangled itself with the idea that products influence how we are seen by others. It pushes us to express our individuality through consumer goods. The idea that you are free to create your identity has been replaced by the notion that you need to buy your identity. 

Fashion plays a big role in this.

In the West, we now consume clothes at ridiculously high volumes. Our daily lives are filled with thousands of ads about the newest thing to buy, at the lowest prices. It’s taught us to cherish all that is perfect and new, while dismissing anything that is ‘old’ or ageing. 

This needs to change. For the sake of our mental wellbeing, the fashion industry, and the future of the planet.

With a ‘less-is-more’ mentality, we are able to find opportunity in the imperfect. To recognise the beauty and value in things the way they are; aged, raw and natural without ornamentation. And by creating circular basics from recycled materials, we position this philosophy at the core of Full Circle. 

And we should all consider this mindset...

Because we are more than the things we own. So rather than using clothing or consumer products to shape our identity, we encourage everyone to bring their personality to the forefront, and seek diversity beyond clothing.

We can start by taking the time to appreciate what we already have - like the people we love, and the experiences we collect - as these things make up the core of who we really are. When recognising them as the roots of our identity, we are at liberty to redefine our relationship with material goods.

Slow down. Shift the balance from achieving to being, to embracing rather than perfecting.

In pursuit of honest expression.